Reaper Miniatures Mastema, Darkspawn Demon #14456 Darkspawn Unpainted D&D Mini



Mastema, Darkspawn Demon
Sculpted by artist: Julie Guthrie
Main Category: Darkspawn
This figure’s body measures 38mm tall and the head (which is unattached, assembly required) measures ~27mm tall. Its arms are ~45mm wide. Included plastic square base is 40mm x 40mm. Head, tail, and 1 arm are unattached, require assembly.

  • 25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures
  • Tabbed figures on plastic slotted bases
  • Unpainted metal models that may require assembly. If assembly is needed, glue or putty is required (not included).
  • For use with Reaper’s Warlord Miniatures Battles game, and ideal for roleplaying games or miniatures painting.

Warlord is a line of high quality, highly detailed, and dynamic collectable figures for painters. Whether an army painter focused on speed painting, a casual painter looking for a challenge, a new painter entering the hobby, or a world-class award-winning painter – Warlord has proven itself time and again as a top line of choice.

Found in Reaper Miniatures’ Category: Warlord

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