Reaper Miniatures Isarah, Crusaders Cleric #14228 Crusaders Unpainted D&D Mini



Isarah, Crusaders Cleric
Sculpted by artist: Gene Van Horne
Main Category: Crusaders

  • 25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures
  • Tabbed figures on plastic slotted bases
  • Unpainted metal model
  • For use with Reaper’s Warlord Miniatures Battles game, and ideal for roleplaying games or miniatures painting.

Warlord is a line of high quality, highly detailed, and dynamic collectable figures for painters. Whether an army painter focused on speed painting, a casual painter looking for a challenge, a new painter entering the hobby, or a world-class award-winning painter – Warlord has proven itself time and again as a top line of choice.

Found in Reaper Miniatures’ Category: Warlord

One of the few priests among the forces of the Ivy Crown, Isarah is Taltain by birth. The people of her small village venerated Shadarzaddi, goddess of healing, and it was to this humble divinity that Isarah felt the call. But there were some doctrines of the faith that she grew to oppose; it is hard to champion peace in a land beset by war, and harder to stand by and do nothing against the foe as your own people fight for their homes and lives. Though she did not abandon her vocation, Isarah quietly slipped away one night from her small temple, and went in search of a fight she felt she could support. She found one in the Ivy Crown.
Though her brother and sister priests would certainly have a dim view of one of their Order learning to wield weapon as well as spell, Isarah has never felt so sure of her path in her life. After a battle where she healed a fallen warhorse in order to get across the field to where she was needed, Jehanne gifted her with the horse out of appreciation, and Isarah now serves often with the Light Lancers, supporting them as they skirt mayhem and arrow fire to reach enemy archers and mages.

Please Note
This unpainted figure requires assembly. Glue or putty required, not included.

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