Reaper Miniatures Balthon, Overlords Cleric #14035 Warlord RPG D&D Mini Figure



Balthon, Overlords Cleric
Sculpted by artist: Werner Klocke


  • 25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures
  • Tabbed figures on plastic slotted bases
  • Unpainted metal model
  • For use with Reaper’s Warlord Miniatures Battles game, and ideal for roleplaying games or miniatures painting

Warlord is a line of high quality, highly detailed, and dynamic collectable figures for painters. Whether an army painter focused on speed painting, a casual painter looking for a challenge, a new painter entering the hobby, or a world-class award-winning painter – Warlord has proven itself time and again as a top line of choice.
Like so many in Craclaw, Balthon is a player in the intricate ballet which is the struggle for power in Craclaw. For years he has fought and clawed his way through the aristocracy, using some of the most barbaric tactics on record, and spending a small fortune on the assassins of the Guild of Venom. A cleric of Ravilax, god of war and slaughter, he had begun to grow unsettled by the apparent lack of intervention his god had provided him in his struggles. He began to doubt Ravilax’s power, and that is when the visiting Inquisitors began to court him. Introduced to the worship of the Khardullis, Balthon swiftly converted, and Khardullis rewarded his defection. Now possessed of a power he had never known under the god of war, Balthon is truly a force to be reckoned with, and he knows that he owes a debt of thanks to the Inquisitors and the Empire of Malvernis. Balthon has dreams of becoming an Overlord himself, and the Empire has secretly promised to provide him soldiers to aid him when the time is right.

Found in Reaper Miniatures’ Categories: Warlord, Overlords

Please Note
This unpainted figure requires assembly. Glue or putty required, not included.

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