Fate Core RPG: Fate Dice – Accelerated Core (12)



12 gorgeous, premium iridescent dice in hues of aqua, green, and lavender. These will catch the light and really sparkle at your table!

Add color and excitement to your Fate and Fudge games with Fate Dice™! Fate Dice™ are a premium line of Fudge Dice. Evil Hat Productions has gotten right down into the details and rethought everything about Fudge Dice. They’ve made the symbols larger and wider, so they’re easier to read. They’ve given the symbols more personality than before, with rounded, flared ends and a gentle curve expressed throughout the stroke. They’re using materials and color combinations that have never been on the market before for Fudge Dice.

When it comes right down to it, these are dice that you can display proudly alongside all the other fancy dice in your collection (we know you have one) giving your Fate and Fudge games an extra dose of style. Top to bottom, these are Fudge Dice reimagined—Fate Dice™!

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