DGS Games Young Grush #100005 Unpainted 32mm Scale Freeblades Metal Figure



Grush are large bear-like creatures with tusks, enormous claws and long sharp quills running down their backs. The quills provide protection from enemies attacking from the rear. Some Haradelan knights participate in a coming of age ritual where a grush must be hunted and killed in order for the knight-apprentice to reach full knighthood. Some do not progress past that point.

32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Gael Goumon.

3 pieces: head, body, tail
50mm plastic base


About DGS Games Miniatures
DGS Games produces high quality metal miniatures in 32mm scale. Their miniatures are sculpted with careful attention to detail. They are designed to be used in DGS Games’ Freeblades fantasy miniature skirmish rules that cover adventures in the fantasy world of Faelon. DGS Games models are also compatible with most 28mm and 32mm scale models and easily used with multiple game systems.

This product is not a toy, it is not recommended for children under the age of 12 and may be harmful if ingested. Product may contain small parts and sharp edges. Some cleaning and assembly may be required before painting.

Made in the U.S.A.

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