Chessex Small Figure Storage Box and Carrying Case – Create Custom Cavities



Built of durable polypropylene, this small figure carrying case is used to protect, store, and transport ~15mm gaming miniatures. Case includes 3 uncut foam sheets. Make cuts to the middle sheet as desired to fit small (~15mm) figures, and Micro-Armor, and/or make larger cuts to accomodate for larger figures. A plastic strip runs along one side of the case which works as a hinge, while the opposite side has 1 plastic snap-latch to keep the case closed. Case measures 10″ long x 4-1/4″ wide x 1-5/8″ tall.

Hints for Use
By light use of contact cement at the intersections and edges of the custom, user-cut foam sheet, you can attach it to the bottom sheet for extra stability. The bottom sheet may then be glued to the bottom of the box interior.

Note: Cement, knife, and miniatures not included.

Caution: Adult supervision required while performing cuts.

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