CAV: Strike Operations Battlefield Terrain Ammo Dump (2) #72607 Unpainted Plastic



About CAV: Strike Operations
Produced in association with Talon Games, CAV: Strike Operations is the all-new version of the classic tabletop sci-fi mecha game for two or more players that is easy to learn and fast to play!

Set in an ever expanding univerese nearly 300 years into our future, CAV:Strike Operations takes its name from the 10+ meter tall war machines that dominate the battlefield (Combat Assault Vehicle).

  • 10mm Scale Mecha Combat Miniatures
  • Integral Bases – Most include an additional Hex Base for gameplay
  • Unpainted models
  • Huge selection of CAVs, Tanks, Artillery and Soldiers for all of your 23rd century combat needs!
  • Produced in association with Talon Games

Purchase includes 2 unpainted Ammo Dump CAV battlefield terrain pieces

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