3″ x 4″ Soft Drawstring Gaming Pouch Dice Bag – Choose Your Color




3″ x 4″ Soft Drawstring Gaming Pouch Bag
Keep your RPG miniatures (~25mm max), dice assortments, gifts, and collections organized in these handy drawstring bags.

Pouches Nicely Hold These Popular Items and More

  • Chessex Polyhedral 7-Dice Sets
  • Chessex 16mm 12 Dice Block Sets
  • Chessex 12mm 36 Dice Block Sets
  • Chessex D10 10 Piece Dice Sets
  • Koplow Games D6, up to 19mm 10 Piece Sets
  • Koplow Games 10 Piece Pawn Sets
  • Reaper Miniatures Bones (Under ~1.5″L x ~1.5″W x ~1.5″H)
  • Reaper Miniatures Metals (Under ~1.5″L x ~1.5″W x ~1.5″H)

Please note: dice and figure in picture are for demonstration purposes only – not included.

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